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Today was awesome! Everything was better than expected. An intact shell was
found before we really even started. The sample was just like I expected, except, there
was much more to be found than I thought there would be. There was sticks and some
small grasslike things for flora, what my group found the most of. I also found a weird
small orange thing, it was very interesting to look at. So far this year, for first days of
projects, this was the best.


Using our stereo microscope, an image camera, and the Smartboard, students were able to observe remnants of a late Pleistocene organism.

Mrs. D and Students Dig in!

Students are doing some gentle examination of the dry matrix material, and are beginning to separate the material for future examination

Today our class was excavating the matrix dirt sent from Cornell University. The dirt was surrounded by a 10,000 year old mastodon and now located at the Ithaca Museum of the Earth . The Matrix did not look like what I expected to look. I thought it was going to look like fresh dirt, but it actually looked like a dry clay substance. I found very interesting objects during session 1 observations. I found twigs, shells, and an a object that looked somewhat like a rock. I am very excited to dig thought the dirt and find fascinating things!

Nicole’s First Day Experience

Posted: November 28, 2012 by Tina Duver in Sorting and Blogging
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My Thoughts On The Matrix:

The matrix looked a little different than I expected it to look. I thought it would have been darker in color. I also thought we were going to need more then a spoonful to find something. Turns out, in session 1 my group made many interesting finds, such as a whole shell, a few rocks, and what looked like part of a plant. It felt so exciting to just be there 😬 , you could only imagine what it felt like to be working with the matrix. I have no questions about going through the dirt, though I would just like to say thank you to Mrs. Duver and Mr. Theuer for giving us this exciting opportunity. 😬