Here's a little peek into the inside


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Here's the bug or spore next to a ruler

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Cool thing

We will definitely be asking a pro about what this is

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Scientists know that glaciers in the Pleistocene period wiped out all earthworm species present in Canada and the Northern Continental United States. The line the glaciers extended to in this period is known as the Wisconsin Glacier Line. The Southern limit of this line extends across Southern New York and Northern Pennsylvania. The Mastodon in our mastodon project might have been found very close to that Southern New York Line!

Here is a picture that Nicole was able to take with her iPad through the lens of the Stereoscope!!  It looks just like a worm to us, so we sent a picture to Dr. Buckler to get her thoughts.

Worm?! Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 1.50.06 PM

Fun game for the Geological Time Scale

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Our game is called Headbandz. We decided to make this game because its fun when you have to try to guess what card you have. When it’s your turn, you have to ask yes or no questions about your card to the other people playing. When the timer runs out then its the next persons turn. Who ever guesses¬† the most cards at the end of the game, wins. Hedbandz is a fantastic, quick and a great game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skype our expert

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We are really excited to Skype Dr.Buckler tomorrow. We are all excited to ask Dr.Buckler some of the questions we have, Also we have a pittsford brighton post reporter coming to take pictures of us doing the matrix .

Students Branch out on other related Projects

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Some students have been interested in branching out beyond the Mastodon Matrix Project and doing some related projects. Many of these include board games about Mastodons, and Geological Time scale travel brochures.

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