Tips if you are going to do the matrix

Posted: January 28, 2013 by mgleeson19 in Uncategorized

Tips if you are going to do the matrix

  • When you are looking through the matrix look carefully otherwise he might miss something AMAZING
  • When weighing the matrix first way the bag and zero it out so you get the correct weight of the matrix
  • Be delicate when picking up shells so you don’t crack them
  • Take lots of pictures
  • Don’t take too much dirt at once


  1. To Maeve, Nicole and AMargaret, and all the class! What an incredible experience for us at PRI and the Museum of the Earth to see you do the Mastodon Matrix Project from this blog site! I hope you appreciate just how awesome Ms. Duver is. We are so impressed by what you all have done; the diligence and effort you have given to this research. I would hire you all as scientists if I could! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You – you all have furthered the research that tells us about past environments, climate change, and extinct species. You should feel very proud of the work you have done – Cheers! Dr. Buckler

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