Pete’s summary of the Project

Posted: January 24, 2013 by Tina Duver in Sorting and Blogging

In Mrs. Duver’s class, I have been looking through matrix from a mastodon site.  Matrix is the mud around the bones. Other classes in different schools have looked through different samples of matrix. We have found lots of different things. We started with around 26 children sorting the matrix. I found twigs, leaves, seeds, rocks and at one point I actually found a hair. We also found some grass. We sorted the matrix into flora, fauna, rocks, and unknown. After sorting them we measured and weighted some of the things that we knew were rocks. Next we floated the matrix in water so that the organic material would float to the top. We looked at some of the matrix through microscopes. We took notes and wrote down what we found. One group of students in Mrs. Duver’s class found a green leaf. Some of the things we found were similar to what the other school groups found. I liked being able to do this project. I weighted and counted the rocks that the whole class found. We then put the different sizes of rocks in different bags. We are beginning to get ready to ship them back to the PRI.


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