Ask our Expert !

Posted: January 14, 2013 by mgleeson19 in Ask our Expert!

What is the most exciting thing schools have found in the matrix?

Do you think the amount of stuff we found in our matrix is average?

What is your personal favorite thing we found ?

  1. amealey19 says:

    Why are the shells so perfect because after 1000 years I thought all of them would be cracked?

    Shells are being found ALOT does this tell us anything about what layer of the dirt they were on?

    Pennsylvania found hair is there something more exciting a school has found?

    After 10 years people have been sorting ALL that mastodon dirt how much is left?

  2. tduver says:

    Great questions! We will try to get Dr. Buckler on Skype or Facetime to chat!

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