Nicole Says:

Posted: January 10, 2013 by nfilipi19 in Sorting and Blogging

I think the mastodon project is going really well so far. The reason being that all the six graders are cooperating very nicely with each other. I am happy we are breaking up the groups because we all get the chance to do different things and experiment on our own. I really like to have the matrix in my hands. That right there is history in a different form. And by the way, if anyone thinks it’s impossible to find something like ivory:


  1. amealey19 says:

    Nikki I agree I a specially agree that we are all working well together I haven’t got the time yet to see the other class but I’m looking forward to seeing them work on their project to!

  2. tduver says:

    I would have thought it impossible to get through that 1 kg kilo of matrix – but you have done it! Great work! We just need to begin to tally and record on the online database!

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