More shells!

Posted: January 9, 2013 by amealey19 in Pictures

More shells!

The Shells Are SOOOOO pretty and it’s unbelievable how perfect they are!

  1. mgleeson19 says:

    I agree it’s sooooooo cool how they stay so perfect

  2. Wow! You are all doing a fantastic job! These shells–and everything else you found–will become part of our research and education collection. We hope to have the whole collection online by next fall, and to put your school’s name on the lovely things you found. That way, scientists researching the Pleistocene can use your information to better understand what the environment was like 14,000 years ago, and other Mastodon Matrix Project participants can see what kinds of things you all found. Thank you so much for helping scientists discover more about the Pleistocene – we hope you did, too! – Dr. Carlyn Buckler

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