Nate does some digging about Chert

Posted: December 6, 2012 by Tina Duver in Uncategorized

Chert is a sedimentary rock, mostly made of quartz. Chert can be found deep in the ocean, or in deposits of limestone. Chert may have clay in it and sometimes it looks like shale. Chert is also a hard rock, which early hunters used for tools and weapons. Flint and Jasper are both kinds of chert. I think that chert is a cool name, and I am surprised that I haven’t heard of it before this year.


  1. npifer19 says:

    I wrote this

  2. mlloyd19 says:

    😊Mastodon project rocks😊

  3. mzain19 says:

    Is chert always used for making weapons??:)

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