The Cornell Club of Rochester is having their annual Picnic at Allendale Columbia on Thursday, June 20th.  We are excited to present the 6th Grade Mastodon Project and our findings to the group, and we will answer as many questions as we can!  We will post more info after the event! 

What’s Next?

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Today we packaged up the Mastodon Matrix material and shipped it back to P.R.I. We are sad to see it go, as we all learned quite a bit about this Mastodon and his surroundings when he was alive.

Special Thanks go out to a few people who made this project possible:

Dr. Buckler from the P.R.I. –  We really liked that you were so involved.  A huge thank you for answering our questions and blogging us!

Mr. Tepedino and Mrs. Oliveri – for taking pictures, helping us blog, and being there for help.

Mr. Theuer – for helping us with your expertise, your experience, and your advice on how to even do all this!!

For any class that’s going to be doing this mastodon project I would love to give some advice

*Try not to be to hyper because if you are you might tend to start losing stuff 

*Dont think that the mastodon project is the easy way out because its not its hard work but fun

*If u find something that you think is interesting take it look closer at it you might of found something really cool

* Or if you  find something you think might be bone ask someone don’t be shy!

Tips if you are going to do the matrix

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Tips if you are going to do the matrix

  • When you are looking through the matrix look carefully otherwise he might miss something AMAZING
  • When weighing the matrix first way the bag and zero it out so you get the correct weight of the matrix
  • Be delicate when picking up shells so you don’t crack them
  • Take lots of pictures
  • Don’t take too much dirt at once


We’re in the paper!

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A big thank you to the Brighton Pittsford Post for coming to Allendale Columbia School to learn about the Mastodon Matrix Project! The online article can found here : Allendale Columbia students have their hands in history


You Stepped in Lava is a awesome game, that will  put a smile on your face. It will also teach you about, the cretaceous period. How you play is very simple and easy to learn. Fun for the whole family. You stepped in lava was created by Nate  and Justin.

Pete’s summary of the Project

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In Mrs. Duver’s class, I have been looking through matrix from a mastodon site.  Matrix is the mud around the bones. Other classes in different schools have looked through different samples of matrix. We have found lots of different things. We started with around 26 children sorting the matrix. I found twigs, leaves, seeds, rocks and at one point I actually found a hair. We also found some grass. We sorted the matrix into flora, fauna, rocks, and unknown. After sorting them we measured and weighted some of the things that we knew were rocks. Next we floated the matrix in water so that the organic material would float to the top. We looked at some of the matrix through microscopes. We took notes and wrote down what we found. One group of students in Mrs. Duver’s class found a green leaf. Some of the things we found were similar to what the other school groups found. I liked being able to do this project. I weighted and counted the rocks that the whole class found. We then put the different sizes of rocks in different bags. We are beginning to get ready to ship them back to the PRI.

Here's a little peek into the inside

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Here's the bug or spore next to a ruler

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Cool thing

We will definitely be asking a pro about what this is

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